7 responses to “All About Food Dood”

  1. Peachy Keen

    Did somebody say……..CHEESE?!?

    Loving the blog dude! So jealous, but so glad you are writing in such detail!

    Love y’all

  2. T

    Shit man haha got any cheese……. Yo I know you hating on the earthquake but I was sitting at the plant and the whole building was shaking. It was crazy man! I’m gonna grow a bowl cut!

  3. Sean Glass on em'

    If u ever get the chance for any other kind of Jerkys, get it on! ..Had buffelo and elk in CO. ..Super dooper good.
    ps. you guys should both get bowl cuts

  4. barbara reuscchle

    Okay, I’m hooked…love a good read :) Plus, I’m re-living my own cross-country camping trip from the year 1850…not really, just seems that way :)

  5. Cactus

    Woot, I will cenaitrly put this to good use!

  6. Rogya

    I think you are making a wise desciion to stay off the scale. You know your body and what it is going through and, realistically, you know you have enough water in you right now to float a ship. :O) So, stay off that scale and don’t let it tempt you! I’d say, don’t even weigh in this week at all give yourself a break and wait until next week. Just think, you can SUPER lose weight by then!!!Hope Aunt Flo makes a visit soon that’s always a bad situation when she delays! Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

  7. Jerry

    Thanks for hosting. I want to coimplment your blog. It is so beautifully layed out. I like how your etsy link goes straight to your store. I need to figure out how to do that on my blog. I’m also trying to learn how to setup a “Grab my button” link. I have my work cut out for me.Yoli

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