Americas Tackiest Hotel

A road construction company owner, Alex Madonna, spent so much time on the road and in and out of crappy hotels that he wanted to create a place of his own, where travelers could feel at home and enjoy a delicious meal. Some how this vision translated into building a 110 overdecorated themed rooms. The Madoona Inn located on the central coast of California could easily be describe as the worlds kitchest hotel. Each and every room has its own name (ie Jungle, Dot and Daisy, Old mexico, Romance, Caveman,) and the room is decorated in elaborate style giving life to the name. We landed the room “Just Heaven” It was tacky as hell and really fun. The light fixtures were frigin cherubs holding candles for christ sake! Here’s how they describe it ““Just Heaven” is a romantic haven far above the outside world. This celestial room is embraced by golden cherubs and kissed in shades of blue to create a little heaven here on earth. An enchanting staircase winds upward into a private viewing tower above the king bed…where gentle rays of sunlight filter through multi-colored glass during the day and soft touches of moonlight linger at night. Graceful French-style furnishings fashion an affectionate ambiance in this heavenly creation for two.” Haha.

Superior Butt Washing
This place was rad, a fun novelty getaway. The Inn also has a “world class” steakhouse that is completely covered in campy pink decor. The steaks were delicious and the desserts even better.

The novelty doesn’t stop at the rooms. In the lobby, the mens bathroom has a working stone waterfall urinal. I pissed the shit out of it.

To anyone in the area or anyone looking for a memorable experience spending the night in this hotel is a must. Here’s a link to their website where you can view every room. Its so tacky! It’ll make for an interesting 30 min or so.

P.S. I just read this on Wikipedia about the hotel: “In the 1980s, the hotel was the object of a scandal involving the placement of concealed cameras in honeymoon suites. The practice was revealed when one of the victimized couples returned to the hotel on anniversary, only to find that the adult video tape they had selected for the evening’s enjoyment contained footage of themselves” So awesome!


Next Stop: Hearst Castle

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