Checkered Flag

The Great Escape is no more. We just got back to SF. I’ll be finishing the last 4 blog days over the next couple days. Sorry for the wait. We are busy readjusting.

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  1. rosalie kancewick

    Hello my Ricky, (HI Jillian) I look so forward to seeing you both!!! I am so excited to celebrate with you on your wedding Day!!! I wish you a safe and happy healthy trip back home. Can’t wait to give you a big squeeze!!!! What a great adventure you have been on, and like the awesome tin says to be continued…. I love your blog; unique and creative, just like you Ricky, I love you, so much Mama Rosie,ox, so proud of all you have accomplished!!! the van is the bomb, it Rocks,;great story. I loved that movie… we watched it alot:-) I did write a while back; its a mystery were my long letter went to… LOL I told Sean about it… i shall search and hopefully i ll find it and forward it to you. I will see you real soon!!! Have fun in New Mexico, I’ll Be praying for my Boys!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE MAGICAL AND BEAUTIFUL, GREAT CHOICE RICKY RICK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE MAMA GLASS

  2. Graziele

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  3. Dharmraj

    hank god im no he only 1 with this i have suffered from it since i have been 10 an i am now 24 i used to panic when i was going to puke but i done it puknig was never always on my my mind 24/7, well until 14 months ago it has taken over my life so much that i want to die it started off one night i was sitting in with my partner and my friend an we were having a smoke of dope until i felt really incredibly sick so i rushed outside for some fresh air. i paced the garden path for hours upon hours until the feel subsided when i came back into the house i fell fast asleep wakin up the next morning i felt fine, had my breakfast as normal then later had lunch and felt fine i skipped dinner coz i was going to order a takeaway pizza for me and my partner i ordered the pizza and ate it as u do lol a wee while later i felt really sick again so as i did the night before i went outside and paced the path until the feeling had gone, came inside and went to sleep the following day i was better and again had breakfast and felt fine my oartner and i took the kids to mcdonalds for lunch and i had my usual big mac meal with a chocolate milkshake on the way home i had to ask my partner to pull over coz i thought i was going to be sick, but i wasnt my heart pnding and my hands sweaty we finished our journey home i felt sick the whole day after that i refused to eat anything else i became very lethargic and always feeling sick a was always in alot of pain too i refused to drink anything i was admitted into the hospital for drips and stuff to keep me hydrated.nothing has changed 14 months on now and im still not eating or really drinking i have lost alot of weight i DID weigh in at 15st and now i weigh in at 7st 2 it has messed my life up really bad i refuse to eat incase i am sick and i am now scared to drink much all i do is suck on ice cubes if i want to eat i will make something and sit with a pollybag and chew my food and spit it out into the bag all i live on in softmints and chewing gum i am now suffering alot of problems low blood pressure, very slow heart beat, floating bowels, pitasium is very low, low calcium, anemia, stomach pains, rib pains, constant migrains, loss of head hair, no periods its not a nice thing to suffer from i am waiting to c a phsycologist to help me overcome this fear thn i am being reffered to the eating disorders clinic.people jus dont realise how much of having this phobia can really ruin ur life.i have 4 children ages 5 4 2 1 and i find it really hard to look after them i just hope we all get the help we need to overcome this rediculis fear.i want my life back, and my kids want their mummy back x

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